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"+1D" Implements its technology to DVD's, Livechat, PC games and other media (such as AVI) regardless whether if the orginal medium is 2D or 3D. Furthermore, the greatest feature of 「+1D」 is the fact that the manufacturer, as well as the user does not need any specialized equipment in order to be supported by 「+1D」. 「+1D」 is not a single monopoly type of service, it is a virtual experience service that anyone interested in it can enjoy and implement


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Guidance for Media Manufacturers

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This is a service that will add further value to your company's media content. It is possible to implement the use of various peripherals to your media via DVD or Video files (such as AVI).
By adding "+1D"(Immersive Virutal Experience)in a simple fashion, it is possible for the user to feel a brand new experience for your media.

"+1D"supplements interactive signals to your media, the media editing company mentioned below performs the implementation.
The media with the signals implemented to your DVD・Broadcasts are prepared with ease with "+1D". Please feel free to inquire with ease. Please make any technical inquiries to Webro International (Corp).

■"+1D" Implementation Service

Company Name Telephone Representative E-Mail
Amirize Corporation 03-6863-3416 Takanashi  
Mosiac Corporation 03-5367-9871 Kato
RECGEAR LTD 03-5925-2740 Marui
Vicson Corporation 03-3202-9791 Ehata
Feel LTD 076-240-2775 Nakamura
Doga Corporation 03-3980-7078 Hibino
Shiba Kyotaro 03-5948-9284 Shiba Kyotaro
Eigi Corporation 042-860-6140 Hashimoto
EN Print Corporation 03-3229-6522 Taguchi

■"+1D" License
 Webro International Corporation


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Guidance for company who wishes to Broadcast


With our Broadcasting application LPEG, you can easily prepare broadcasting your contents. Of course, it also applies to "+1D" media files. Just simply drag & drop the files and start broadcasting with ease. Furthermore, it is possible to add various services to the LPEG. It is unlike any other similar products out there, we aim to provide users with maximum satisfaction through our service. LPEG is the first broadcasting service which adds further value to your digital contents. LPEG can be supported with corporations as well as individual users.

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Guidance for Peripheral manufacturers

It is possible to synchronize various peripherals to operate with DVD's or Media files with the +1D label on it.
Due to the finely detailed control signals of 1/30, it is possible to bring out the maximum potential for your peripherals.
The signals for "+1D" has been implemented with the future in mind, in most cases it will be supported in an immediate fashion with every compatible content released to date. Furtheremore, if you would like to implement new methods of applying the technology, for example, using a remote with your peripherals will be possible with some improvements. The "+1D" service will provide infinite possibilities and improvements for your peripherals.

"+1D" License Inquiries
  Webro International Corporation
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