+1D Policy

The "+1D"icense is available for Hardware・Software manufactureres in order to collaborate and produce "Quality Hardware(goods)"and "Quality Software(Media)". The mission for a manufacturer is consumer satisfaction. With extensive research, we believe that we are able to give birth to a fresh and magnificent product. Therefore, if a similar product exists, we guarantee to conduct the licensing to the original manufacturer and then collaborating with the manufacturer afterwards. Our policy for our technology is MADE IN JAPAN, leading the bodily sensation media market.

What is +1D

+1D is a new technology that integrates DVD's as well as Video files (such as AVI's) with peripherals in order to deliver a new immersive experience.
You may have heard the term "4D" in movies, this technology is integrates 3D images as well as videos with the sense of smell or producing wind in order to deliver a further immersive experience for the media.
Regardless whether a medium is 2D/3D, by integrating (1D) our technology (+), results in the creation of "+1D".
Various media become reborn with the implementation of "+1D" in order to breathe new life into the medium. It is the step forward from the conventional 「media you view」into a new world of 「media that you feel」.
It is possible to give new life to even media that you have seen many times with this new technology.

How to enjoy+1D

Just simply play any DVD with our logo on it with the dedicated pc DVD player "D-PLAYER". Use your compatible peripherial via USB in order to integrate your media with your peripheral.

"Online +1D" is implementing "+1D" to your internet experience

By using a PC connected to the internet and using the +1D supported DVD player "D-PLAYER", it is possible to integrate various +1D supported peripherals with your media to experience a quality virtual online experience. Any DVD that you have used while online will give you the same experience in an offline environment for further convenience!
Be on the look for for new "+1D" as well as "Online +1D" titles to come.
Furthermore, streaming media, such as AVI's will be compatible with supported peripherals (with WMP or GOM Player).

+1D History

10 years of history built "+1D"

・2004 Started development for a new experience for media.

・2005 Licensed a Goods which fully interacts with a live chat environment.

・2006 Licensed a Goods which fully interacts with video media. We held an exhibition overseas and various manufacturers were inspired by the movement.
   (Based on an article during that time.)

・2008 Ceased all licensing in order to further develop the operating singals for peripherals in order to achieve a further realistic experience.

・2012 Developed an application that sends signals to peripherals precisely and in real time.

・2015 "+1D" has launched!!

Over 10 years of hard work went into this project, overcoming many obstacles. Finally, we were able to achieve integration of peripherals with DVDs to downloads, games and live chat. "+1D" you know today has launched. We never settle for specific peripherals, always keeping an open mind. We never get caught up in the past. We sincerely accept every problem we face and never stop development for a single day with 「What can we improve?」 in mind. We are always pursuing the next stage, which built "+1D" to what it is today. Many video producers and peripheral manufactuers are being established daily. The market is constantly making the change from just simply viewing to *experiencing*. We are in a new field, immersive media ・・・that is "+1D". With our original policy in mind, we continue to lead this market. "+1D" is constantly evolving by collaborating with masterpiece media producers as well as astonishing peripheral manufactuers in order to step into a new dimension of media from Japan.
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